Another look at the Database

Lacuna • August 10, 2022

I've been having a rethink about the structure of the database; in part brought about as I've been really busy work of late and not had a chance to lay with Cepheus, in part as I had mose misgivings about the current structure, so I'm thinking something a little more like:

Schema 1

Wrapping up

This is starting to look a little more promising but there are obvious changes to the field types, i.e. bigint instead of integers for auto-increment fields, default values which I've not shown and probably more details in each table to flesh things out.

I've managed to pull some data from a now-defunct game for the buildings so with any luck I can actually get something a little more concrete in place for my next post but don't hold your breath.

As an aside, if anybody is curious about the graphics I've used here, they are generated by a rather nice little tool that sits on-top of GraphViz. I've been using it for while though for large databases it can get a little messy.